perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2013

Robe a la Turque

robe a la turque over 1844 corset, rather victorian feel.
 Red & black taffeta were a bit of a mis-choice for a late rococo gown, as it looks more like saloon girl than Marie Antoinette. However, this was a halloween gown, so it doesn't matter.
 Red taffeta robe a la Turque, worn over 18th century stays, a bum roll, red shiffron long sleeved ruffled shirt, black taffeta skirt. Celtic cross pin (originally got it for my kilt) and taffeta ribbon. Black velvet choker from the old gothic girl days, and ostrich plum over roughly put up wig...
Hem of the skirt, pleated taffeta with sateen ribbon and beads hand stitched.

taffeta rosette with brass button

Learning to like zone front gowns, so something similar will propably get made some day...

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