maanantai 14. tammikuuta 2013

DIY knit minidress from two knit shirts

The local charity second hand shop has every now and then sales, this time I got
why did blogger rotate the pic?
Down, black (knit fabric) shirt, mint condition, for 2€,  I love the and big boxy sleeves, and glittery silver stripes. but I knew as I saw it, it's just way too short...
 so,  I rammed through things and found a knit shirt (up) for 1€
This one was clearly used but the knit was exactly what I was looking for, a very flexible rib to become the tight skirt part of the dress.
with black legging trousers, the silver stripes and big sleeves balances the proportions and gives a figure not bad for this slightly over-weight body.

Basically, just cut the down part of the rib shirt and sew the tube to the hem of the other shirt.
Instant knitted minidress!

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