maanantai 22. lokakuuta 2012

Robe à la Turque

Current project, Robe à la Turque:
 robe a la turque quick sketch
I was planning on the same frosty pink I used for the last Rococo corset, but I also have some mint green taffeta... so, as I couldn't decide, I thought that I'd just make a quick one for Halloween, as I had the cheap dark red taffeta I failed to use last Halloween and decide on the "real" 18th century ball gown later.
 Robe a la Turque WIP

Rococo Corset - 18th Century Stays

Needed a nice pair of 18th Century Stays, and decided on a pretty frosty pink to make something really Marie Antoinetteish.

18th Century Stays 01

18th Century Stays 02
18th Century Stays 03

 18th Century Stays 04
You wish.
I had a piece of "Midnight Pastoral" fabric by Alexander Henry, and so another piece of whimsical clothing was born instead of historical accuracy.

18th Century Stays 05
Yay for 17th century drunk corpses?
I also used another toile by Laura Ashley as lining:
18th Century Stays 06
18th Century Stays 07
18th Century Stays 08 It is wearable now, to finish the corset the lower edge needs binding but I'll leave that to a day I want to get frustrated...

1912 "Titanic" Corset

This one was ready before deadline, but I had such a busy summer I didn't get to update blog.
Here's some photos of the finished Corset for Sew Along!
The corset is worn over a lovely tunic I found at a second hand shop and the Art Nouveau (or Jugend, as it is know around here) style fireplace in the background is actually from 1911!
Titanic corset side
Titanic corset front
Found some lovely turquoise lace and also used similar color for flossing (decorative stitching in the end of the boning)
Unfortunately, didn't get to go or arrange any "Titanic" events either, but "The Night to Remember" was on TV in the week Titanic sank 100 years ago, so I entertained myself by watching it dressed as Edwardian as I could gather from my wardrobe.