perjantai 27. tammikuuta 2012

Cage Panier / Ribbon Pocket Hoops

Got a commission to make a truly different 18th century inspired pocket hoops, ivory ribbons for showing off rather than underpinnings.


This was the starting out image of commission, idea of what was after
but I do not do metal work, (I don't stash forge & sledgehammers...) thus I had to try and make a sewed pocket hoops version of it.

Here's my sketch of Pocket hoops made from ribbons.

Cage hoops making of

Materials used, metal boning would've been sturdier choice, but budget was issued by customer.

Cage hoops making of
Sateen covered boning.

Cage hoops making of

The amount of ribbons in the first design / sketch was not enough (as I suspected for synthetic whalebone), engineer had to step in and add two more.

cage hoops

The final ribbon pocket hoops.
Happy to have them finished, it was not as easy to make as the simple looking style would suggest, trying to get the bone channels stay under the sewing machine pedals while the excess ribbons out of the way.
These were made for show off, and for 18th century re-enactors I do not suggest trying this at home. They will not be strong enough to hold many layers of heavy petticoats.

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  1. Hyvä idea! En koskaan aatellu että noita rautasia vois tehä tällain.

  2. But they sure looks very nice! I guess one could use canvas bands for a sturdier hoop. :)