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1911 Corset Sew Along - The Pattern

I used the pattern in Nora Waugh: Corsets and Crinolines.

If I'd be ashamed easily, I would not share these photos... Not only are they taken with crappy camera phone to take them, the subjects are rather ugly.

Note that this is the way I do things when making garments for myself! It is by no way the "right" way of doing things, nor do I even dare to draft patterns free hand when making clothing for other people. I've just gotten quite accustomed to my body to know not to frustrate oneself in patterning.


First, I copied the pattern in the book. You could use the copier for rezising as well, but as I don't have patience for machines but love drawing, I used the grid/measure method.


I needed to add 0.5cm - 1/5'' to each piece - though I might need to add more to the hips, but I left that for the mock up to see exactly which pieces need more.
First piece (and side gores) I cut in half and added in the middle, but decided that with such a minor add I could just re-draw the addition to the edges.

Here's the pattern so far, on the muslin, with their edges rolling and waiting to be pinned.


Next it's the sewing of the mock up and first fitting!

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