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1911 Corset Sew Along: the Fitting

First and last fitting of the muslin! I knew the 1910s style would be tricky on my body, and the first fitting shows it, to my surprise, not as bad as I thought.

corsets hapee
So, trying to get this 40''-20-30'' figure while you have very narrow rib cage, a starting beer belly, and a difference of nearly 40cm/15.5'' between your natural waist and hips circumference.
I must be insane.


I like the smooth line it makes, naturally there's a deep angle between waist and hips,
and so far this feels perhaps the most comfy corset.


The front side view shows why is it so comfortable. It should be flattening the belly, but at this stage, it does nothing to it, too much room for beer belly to stick out, enhanced even more by narrow ribs.


Sheer muslin and only a few plastic bones only emphazise the problem.
I know this era corset isn't supposed to emphasize the waist, but at this moment, it definately does and in no flattering way. The front lines must be re-drafted.

Front gore drafted smaller, the striped part will be cut out.

Second fitting, much more smoother in the front, I see now that the bottom line flares a bit in the back, that should be easy to fix.
the "s-curve" is not wanted in this era corset, but my curved back will make curve in pretty much any corset.

We'll see, the final sturdier coutil and more (and sturdier boning) will do what can be done to make this figure even slightly "long and lean".

And talking of boning, the package from Sew Curvy arrived!

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