tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2012

1911 corset progress and Midshipmen

1911 Corset Sew Along: I left the just sewn pieces of the final corset on the ironing board. Now, there was a slight brown pawn print on it. D:

Damn you, roomie's cat!

So I had to wash it gently, I suppose I also need to wash the other piece to maintain the same strenght with the whole piece.

Otherwise, guess who will be dancing with the cadets the next five weeks x)

I saw an ad in the bulletin board in the groceries searching for ladies to attend to dancing class for cadets. It's quite fun to think about that you can't become an officer of armed forces without learning how to waltz...
Shyly approached them as I was a little late for the signing in (and have two left feet), I would have regretted more NOT using the opportunity to grope uniformed young men learn to dance, than the might be complete humiliation of myself.

I might need to sew myself a neat dancing gown... something simple and day wear worthy, yet nice enough not to feel out of place as I just don't feel like jeans and a tee while the boys will be in their uniforms.

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