keskiviikko 7. syyskuuta 2011

Recap of hectic month

For the last month, despite working two totally un-related for sewing jobs, I've sewn:
* commission Renaissance corset
* commission Regency -style gown
* Modding the ill-fitted clothes provided from work

My lack of camera and hatred for being on computer don't mix too well with blogging... Hoping to get my old cameraphone to work to get pictures (it has really good camera, but it doesn't receive or make calls... and for some ridiculous reason, you can't use the camera without having the sim-card inside :P)

Now, I'm going to sew something for Halloween - even though I'm unaware if there will be any festivies for it. I've got a bunch of bloody-red taffeta, and I'm thinking
* Phoenix (X-Men 3) inspired attire
* wild west wench
* just something wicked, there's too many plain vampires out there for halloween, so I'd like to make it something different...

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