maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2011

Halloween inspiration

Last year, I was a French aristocrat after gallows. Before that, Corpse Bride.
This year, I haven't really decided yet. Vampires have suffered such inflation these past years (when did elegant gothic vampires turn into high school drama queens?) that I don't feel like dressing up as one.

However, I have meters of dark red taffeta, and half made victorian underbust in wine red fake suede. Also, couldn't resist purchasing this gorgeus long red wig...
My first idea was Phoenix from X-Men 3. Long jacket might even have use afterwards, but I kind of despise the idea of getting a pair of red leggings... Don't know if anyone would even recognice, and those who do might ridicule small and plump figure trying to go for tall and skinny look.

Now, another redhead in a red dress, Sabine from Moulin Rouge. Though I'd really need to make a drastically shorter version of the gown to safely move around in a nightclub.
I would say Moulin Rouge is a bit gothic movie, at least in the imagenary. More than the umm teenage "gothic" or "vampire" series I've tried to give a chance but couldn't.
The one and only new gothic/horror series I truly adore is Supernatural, but unfortunately that one's quite poor for costumers as the main characters wear thrift store style...
Mina's red Dress from Dracula, lovely front, too much huzzle in the back for my taste. This is my kind of vampire, charming but mean, vampires should stay as the villains we love, not as protagonists we hate.
Anna's red ballgown from Van Helsing, the front is silly, but I prefer the back of this gown over Sabine's or Mina's. Such lovely pleats.

I'm such a bad cosplayer for never really wanting to make anything exactly as in films, but to pick an inspiration from here and there and mix them up. Though, as far as designer's rights goes, wouldn't it be copyright infrigiment to replicate movie dresses?

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