maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2011

Sewing machine trouble

Sewing machine died.
Now, it was the cheapest there was three-four years ago, a horrible piece of plastic, and in no means meant for extreme sewing like what I've used it to.

It's been acting for quite some time, the toothing was already flattened making straight lines frustrating to sew as you have to feed the fabric yourself to the machine (imagine all those bone channels)
Last week it ceased to sew zig-zag. Then I opened up part of the machine, cleaned and oiled it and it started doing zig-zag again - if you were sewing slowly...

Now, I will try last time to open up it, tear up every single part I can, clean and oil and fix and hope it starts working again for some while.

Meanwhile, I want to finish my Marie Antoinette inspired cloak, so I am lucky to have a roommate who has a sewing machine :) It's an old, cheap one too so I really hope not to finish it off as well :P

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