lauantai 11. kesäkuuta 2011

Quick work vest

Needed a black vest for the next day, had no money to go out and buy one, so what am I to do but to make one?

Lucky me, for being such a hoarder... I had black diagonal wool, dark lining "silk", adhesive backing and the buttons at home!
It still needs to be pressed better, and I did forgot the pockets in the rush of the making :-O
but I now have a well fitting pattern, to make another one (with pockets) when I have the money to buy more fabric, presumably more washable and modern than wool.

Next, I might have to make a banquet jacket... the company making them has sizing that does not fit me at all :/ making one myself won't save any money, but the stress will be less to make one from scratch than to try to alter an already made piece :P

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