sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2011

Royal Navy Undress Coat

A project that's been in my mind since... umm... 2006? When I first saw Hornblower movies and became even more enthusiasted by the royal navy (before that it was more of modern navy thanks to JAG and Hot shots... no I mean top gun xD)

The uniforms are just adorable! IMO the 1795-1812 are the most appealing, but anything from the jacobeans to modern ones work for me ;D
Anyway, was bored, so this is how the uniform drafted from my size block looks in 1/4 scale... So, now I have the pattern ready if one day I'll have the money to get supplies :)

AND if you like to see awesome photos from the real coat of this style, once worn by Horatio Nelson himself:

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